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Years ago when I was modeling in Bangkok, I remember seeing an ad of Daniel at my agency’s office. My booker Pluem was showing everyone their new male model in town and asking me what I thought of him (well, no complaints for sure!). The next thing I knew, I was reading about him in the magazines as a rising star in Asia. It could be said that with his movie star looks, the dashing Daniel Henney was destined for the movies. Growing up in the States, this Korean/American model seamlessly went from Asian supermodel to Korean superstar to Hollywood actor as Agent Zero in Wolverine.

So how did I, a wee lass from Malaysia, end up interviewing Daniel? Well, it started like this… I was having a think as to which celebrity TWG should interview next… and recalled that I had a friend in New York who happened to know Daniel. So a few FB messages later, I was given Daniel’s (secret) facebook alias and sent him a long-winded message. A month passed with no reply. However, never one to take ‘no’ for an answer, I messaged the poor guy again:


Hours, days and then weeks passed… when finally! A message in my inbox!!


At last contact with DH! After ringing my closest girlfriends (who proceeded to scream in my ear), I very happily went on to type up this much awaited interview.

Why save this post for 2010? Because there really can’t be a better way to start the year then with a bit of Daniel Henney:)

Three rivers

Your breakout role in Hollywood was playing Agent Zero in Wolverine. What’s cooking nowadays?

These days I’m busy working on my medical drama “Three Rivers”. It’s a show that focuses on the subject of donated organs and organ transplant surgery. There are so many amazing stories that are begging to be told from the field of transplant surgery, so it’s an extremely amazing experience to be a part of the show. I play Dr. David Lee. It airs on Sunday’s on CBS here in America… not sure when it will be shown overseas.

Chilling out with friends in LA

You’re the dream guy for girls around the world, but what would your ‘dream girl’ be like?

My dream girl? Haha… I’m not really sure if I have a specific type to tell you the truth. The most important quality that I search for in a woman is definitely a great sense of humor. I grew up watching SNL and tonnes of wonderful comedy films, so it’s pretty important for me to find that in a woman. Looks will fade, as well as a lot of other things, but a great connection between two people can stand the test of time. Physically – I’m not really picky. I like it when girls look very natural… the less make up the better.

I guess that’s about it!

As Agent Zero in Wolverine

Do you think you’re the settling down type? Hollywood has that rep for singledom…

I am the settling down type, but I’m not sure when it will happen. I think that a lot of actors are the settling down type, its just that their work is so unpredictable it’s hard to be. For me, even dating is incredibly difficult. The minute I meet someone I’m interested in, it seems like I have to leave for months, or relocate to a different city. It gets annoying sometimes.

If you did walk down the aisle, give us an idea of your perfect wedding (big, small, Vegas?!)

Definitely a small wedding. I would love to get married in Michigan. There are so many beautiful places in northern Michigan to get married. The lakes that surround the state are really breathtaking, especially in the summer. So I guess, maybe at a cabin by the water, with a few of my close friends and of course my family and hers. I have a pretty hectic life, so my wedding will have to be the exact opposite.


I must ask the question on everyone’s mind… *ahem* are you attached?

I’m not attached….wish I was!

So there you go ladies, that was my short but wonderful chat (well, email!) with Daniel Henney. Now back to planning your wedding.

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