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An Alice in Wonderland Wedding


Written by: WGA Reader Hani

Photography by: LWB vendor FIFOTO Photography

I’m a Disney girl at heart and a sucker for everything fairytale. And what happens when a girl like me goes to tie the knot? I imagined an important date down a rabbit hole, but it wasn’t just the Wonderland that you know from the story. This story took place on a beach, on the sand and with a beautiful sunset witnessing the love my husband and I have for each other.

Before we get to Beach Wonderland though, there was a lot of hard work. But with a lot of crafts, the support of a wonderful husband and the help of great girlfriends – my Beach Wonderland wedding took shape.

Here are a few ideas if you decide to take your wedding down the rabbit hole!

Avillion, Port Dickson

Let’s face it, a beach wedding, as simple and relaxing as it might seem, costs a lot.  However I found that Avillion, Port Dickson offers a great beach wedding package and with a menu selection that is absolutely mouthwatering. Since it’s located in Port Dickson, it meant easy access (just a bit of a drive!) for our guests who mainly would be coming in from KL.

We got in touch with Mr. Amir Shah Osmand, the wedding coordinator who became responsible of putting everything together. From the tiniest little detail to the biggest thing, he helped us out with everything.  He also put things together according to our Alice theme and the staff turned a simple beach reception, into a complete fairytale Wonderland!

Thumbs up to Avillion and their staff for making our big day a beautiful, romantic and smooth sailing event! If you’re looking to have a beach reception, do take Avillion into consideration!

Pre-dinner snacks

Pre-dinner cocktails were served alongside colourful cupcakes that were provided courtesy of Avillion. With inspiration from some cute Alice in Wonderland labels I found while researching on Etsy, I thought I could make my own “EAT ME” toothpick signs to stick in the cupcakes.  I made the labels on my computer, printed them onto colored construction paper, and cut them out by hand, one-by-one, over a couple days.

Table signs

I thought that the table signs should be simple, meaningful and inline with the theme. I decided to label each table with a character from the book along with the character’s famous quote. I found the frame design via Google and designed the table signs on my computer. Again a bit of cutting and pasting – the labels were printed onto pale yellow paper, cut out by hand, and glued to squares of solid blue construction paper.

Customized menu design

Menu designs are easy to come up with – I learned how to do ours from Wedding Monograms. I picked a design, titled it “Wonderland Menu”, and included the list of dishes we had chosen.  I printed them at home on card stock and got my husband to be a professional paper cutter! Haha.

Customized wedding favors

Macaroons are the “it” things for weddings these days and I decided to order some to give as wedding favors. I browsed through a lot of blogs offering the kind of service and found Cuppylicious Cupcakes. The owner is a nice lady who bakes amazing customized cupcakes, cakes, and yummy macaroons! I requested our macaroons be customized: she wrote “EAT ME” by hand on each macaroon, just like the cakes in the book that make Alice grow (remember that?)

Thank-you cards and holders

We wanted to have thank-you cards in small holders placed at each seat for dinner.  We ordered small painted-wood teapot keepsake containers from HotRef in the US, a tribute to the Mad Hatter’s mad tea party.

My husband suggested that the thank-you cards be actual cards, drawn from decks of customized playing cards (think the Queen of Hearts and her soldiers, though we didn’t just give out hearts).  He designed the cards on his computer and ordered them through Your Playing Cards in the US.  He did a great job, don’t you think?

Not only were the playing cards, in my opinion, a great idea, it was also a good way to cut our budget down a little. With 54 cards in a deck, we only needed to order 2 decks for our small reception.

Wedding cake

I knew I didn’t want a typical wedding cake; I wanted something reminiscent of the mad tea-party and with help from my good friend Google, I found a picture of a cake that fit the bill. I bought a set of Alice in Wonderland action figures on Amazon to use as cake toppers instead of the traditional bride and groom figures. I emailed the picture to the same lady who made the macaroons and voila, we had a topsy-turvy Alice & The White Rabbit wedding cake!

Cookie & Gruffy

These two were by far my most favourite part of our Beach Wonderland. Cookie and Gruffy, which are Hubby and mine’s pet names for one another, were the bunnies that we used as part of our exchange of vows ceremony. Early in the wedding planning I had the whole “releasing the doves” idea in my head, but once we settled on the Alice in Wonderland theme I proposed bunnies to my husband and he agreed.  There was no way we were going to release them like we would doves so we decided to get customized tags on collars to be put on the pair after we exchanged vows. Each tag has the bunny’s name and the wedding date engraved.

The rabbits themselves came from my parent’s house. Following the ceremony we donated Cookie and Gruffy to Avillion’s pet farm and they happily accepted them into a specially prepared bunny hutch “penthouse” (yep, they call the top floor of the bunny hutch the penthouse!). Now it’s a race to see who has babies first – I think we know already which Cookie will win!

If you wish to have a wedding with an Alice theme, pay attention to the ‘white fluffy something’ lurking around.  With home-made crafts, themed goodies, and a great location, you might just fall down the rabbit hole into your very own Wonderland!

* Thank you to Hani for taking the time to write this amazing article and to send use all these beautiful photos by WGA vendor FIFOTO Photography. Check out their page here!

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