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For this month’s Confessions of a Bride, we speak to Vivy Yusof of ProudDuck and FashionValet fame. As some of you might know by now, this budding young entrepreneur (of Malaysia’s online fashion portal, FashionValet) recently tied the knot with her college sweetheart of 6 years! A blogger in her own right (check out her blog for some of her sweet, goofy musings of everyday [married] life), Vivy’s nuptials was poignant (after all, she was embarking on a new part of her life), and filled with love.

Photographs taken by The Photoz courtesy of Vivy Yusof.

Here’s what Vivy had to say about one of the most joyful, life-changing weekends of her life:

If there was one detail about my wedding I had always known I wanted, it was a veil. I grew up watching romantic movies that had weddings in it, and as a child I would put my mom’s scarf on my head and pretend I was a bride. I always thought a veil is synonymous to a wedding. I mean, where else would you have an excuse to wear a long sheer cloth on your head? At my actual wedding, I only wore a veil during my akad nikah ceremony, and boy, it was very annoying as it restricts a lot of your movement.

When my dad shook my husband’s hand and exchanged phrases during the akad nikah ceremony, all I could think about was, “OMG the tissue’s finished!” I was crying non-stop and seeing my dad give me away was so emotional for me. I was ecstatic to start my life with the man of my dreams, but I was also sad to be leaving the nest I grew up in as I’m very close to my parents. You should’ve seen me when we drove away from my parent’s house. In the car, my husband considered turning back.

When I walked down the aisle, all I could think about was, ”Where do I put my hands?!!!” I now understand why brides have bouquets. One hand holding the bouquet, one hand holding your man’s arms. I forgot my bouquet at the very last minute because I was too engrossed in everything else, so I had to walk down the ballroom aisle with one hand on my husband’s arm, and the other hand awkwardly changing positions up and down. It felt like the longest walk in the world.

My one favourite detail of the entire wedding was having my mom as the ultimate wedding planner alongside the actual wedding planner we hired. She was so worried about every detail that she had many sleepless nights leading up to the wedding. My mom is the most meticulous person you will ever meet and having her take on the wedding, I had no worry. She is amazing and I will forever be grateful.

The one big wedding secret I wished someone told me before my big day was to eat a proper meal before the wedding. We were too busy mingling and taking pictures that we could only watch people eat the yummy food. We were so happy that we were married that we forgot to even take a bite of food. By the middle of the night, we both felt light-headed and we had to steal drinks from our friend’s table for some sugar rush.

If there was something I would’ve overlooked, but I’m so glad someone had pointed out to me was to shave! As a single person, you sometimes overlook this ritual but when you’re married, you always have to take care of these things because you won’t be sleeping alone anymore. I was so busy working even a day before my wedding that I told myself hair is beautiful and God intended it to be there. My bridesmaid actually dragged me away from my office and to my waxing appointment a couple of days before the wedding, something I might have forgotten to do.

The best advice I had gotten for the big day was to enjoy the process. Weddings can be pretty stressful especially with the Malay tradition and protocol that you have to follow. So you’ve just got to keep calm and enjoy it. It’s true that time passes by so fast and before you know it, you actually wish you could do it all over again.

My favourite moment of the entire day was… we had a whole wedding marathon weekend, starting with the akad nikah ceremony, followed by the bride’s reception and groom’s reception on the next 2 consecutive days. There wasn’t a moment in that weekend that I didn’t love and everything was a favourite to me. But if pressed, I would say the day after the akad nikah ceremony. My husband and I snuck out for lunch just the 2 of us (pretty selfish of us to leave everyone to work), and it was just perfect. We were holding hands, we were laughing, we were just so happy to finally be married after 6 years of courtship. That was my favourite moment of that weekend when I knew that I made the right decision in marrying the man I absolutely adore.

When I snuck into my parent’s bedroom at 3 am the night before the wedding, I lied on their bed with them and started crying by myself thinking how much I will miss this. They were of course snoring loudly and couldn’t care less if I was or wasn’t there haha.

The most unforgettable moment of the entire day was when my bridesmaids/best friends barged into our bridal suite on our first night. They knocked on the door, ordered room service and just made themselves comfortable with the TV remote. “So what are you guys up to?” they asked and didn’t leave for the next couple of hours.

When I had to run to the doctor in the morning to get a quick allergy jab before the rehearsal. I developed anxiety rash and my whole body turned red. That was not so fun and the whole house panicked at me looking like a lobster.

The best marriage advice I had ever received was in a form of recipe books. My aunts and married friends keep telling me that a wife should cook for her husband as often as she can and shoved me lots of cooking books. There is something special about the bond between husband and wife when he appreciates his wife’s cooking and looks forward to come home to it. What a thing to tell a girl who doesn’t even know how to light up a stove! Guess I better study those books…

The one thing they don’t tell you about marriage is to always love your in-laws. A marriage isn’t just about you and him, it’s also about the marriage of 2 families. So always be tactful and respectful of both families and it will make marriage a lot easier for the couple. I’m very blessed to have wonderful in-laws who treat me like their own child and I am always happy to be around them. Don’t listen to all the horror stories about inl-aws because at the end of the day, if it comes from the heart, you don’t even have to try to love them. It comes naturally.

Marriage is truly the best thing in the world.

Congratulations Fadza & Vivy! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding weekend filled with love and joy here with us at WGA!

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