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What’s Your Table Number?


This is a wonderful yet subtle way to clue your guests into your love story. They are, after all, gathered to celebrate your momentous day with you. What’s better than to have snippets of your journey together hidden subtly over your reception in the form of table numbers?

Go wild with the endless possibilities because it’s always in the little details as such that can give you the wide open chance to personalise your wedding.

Ever play the game “Categories”? You know the one where someone says a type of category like, “Types of flowers” and everyone has to name different types of flowers? Well, that’s pretty much how you can choose to “name” your table numbers instead of using actual numbers. Bonus: Your guests will not only learn a sweet anecdote about the both of you, but it will give way to great ice-breaking opportunities too!

I especially love this one: using names of places which hold importance to you and your beloved; such as where you first met, where he proposed, where you had your first kiss, etc. Each “number” can tell the story behind the place. This has been a trending favourite along with “Places we would like to visit” – a list of countries where the couple would love to travel together to. :)

Here are a few other popular suggestions:

  • Famous couples (e.g: Romeo & Juliet, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Homer Simpson & Marge Bouvier etc)
  • Music quotes, or famous quotes about love
  • Something to complement the theme of your wedding (e.g: fairytale couples for a fairytale themed wedding, beautiful beaches for a beach wedding, etc)
  • Photos of you and your beloved at the corresponding ages to the table numbers (i.e: Table 6 – a photo of both of you when you were 6 years old)

Remember: There is an additional detail you have to consider should you opt to go down the “non-number” route. While numbers are a good indicator for where tables are (naturally, 6 shouldn’t be too far from 5), the same can’t be said if you’re trying to find “Elizabeth Bennett & Mr Darcy” thinking it’ll be next to “Anthony & Cleopatra”. A simple table map will suffice at the welcome table to help guests find their seats. :)

Funny anecdote: A friend’s fiancé eventually demanded a say in the wedding preparations and asked to have the table numbers be “Star Wars characters”! A great way to give him a chance to make the wedding his own, too eh? (With your permission of course).

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