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posted on 12/29/13

While we may be all about the wedding here at WGA, there’s no way we wouldn’t acknowledge what comes before the actual big day – especially not when it comes with such beautiful pictures These pics are of the lovely couple Along & Nora, who recently got engaged. Courtesy of WGA vendor Stories by Integricity […]

posted on 06/06/11

Lights, camera, action! Not the normal words you’d hear at a wedding but for three lucky couples they got to say “I do” while the world watched. In light of Kate and Will’s royal wedding, TLC (formerlyDiscovery Channel) ran a special segment called the Royal Wedding Project, an event in Times Square that was broadcast […]

posted on 05/27/11

When Cy met Kai, he said it was “love at first sight”. For Kai however, she needed a little more convincing. Even a chance visit to a fortune teller foretold what was to be between the couple. Kai:“I’d never met the fortune teller before but she managed to guess Cy’s initials, described how he looked […]

posted on 05/12/11

One of the starring roles a girl gets to play in life, is that of being bride for the day. But if you’re going to truly look like a movie star on the silver screen, then you better have a fantastic videographer. That’s where maverick Jason Magbanua comes in. Say hello to one of Asia’s […]

posted on 02/09/11

The Wedding Theme It was going to be an autumn wedding and for me, the most romantic time in London (this is when the colours of the leaves change and the sunset remains dusky for hours). Aptly so, Christine and Kenneth chose autumn hues of olive green and beige as the colour palette for their wedding. This was so wonderfully reflected […]

posted on 02/07/11

Whilst most of us in Asia think of the beach when it comes to a destination wedding, what about those who reside nearby in the land of Down Under? For those south of our equator, wineries are popular locations to hold the wedding of your dreams. And why not? With pristine scenery, rolling hills and […]

posted on 01/25/11

What better way to begin the week than with a real life story that is nothing short of a fairytale? For those of us who’ve watched the film Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, here’s Asia’s version of what happens when a superstar falls in love with a dashing, young man Paula Taylor […]

posted on 11/19/10

The power and reach of the Internet never ceases to surprise me. While most of our readers are from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, we do have visitors from as far as Norway and even South Africa. But when I got an e-mail from Kurt Vinion, a photographer in Prague, it goes to show… you never […]

posted on 05/25/10

Ah, the wind gently brushing against your face, surrounded by the fresh seaside air and the perfect kiss under the red sky and setting sun. Yes, there are certain elements to a beach wedding that you simply can’t replicate in any grand ballroom or garden affair. If it’s sun-kissed cheeks and a picturesque scenery you’re […]

posted on 04/13/10

As promised here are the dazzling, snazzling and (censored) photos from the rockin afterparty of Julia & Donovan (JuDo)’s wedding in Kuala Lumpur. Dimitri is an internationally renowned house DJ and (more importantly) a close friend of Donovan. He very kindly flew all the way from Paris to spin some of his favourite beats at […]

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