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Wedding decorations
posted on 08/05/13

Building Designer meets Interior Designer – sounds like a match made in designer heaven? Yes, and their design business is a testament to this pairing. High school sweethearts, their common passions have brought them a life full of rewards and perhaps some challenges that accompany the daily grinds of entrepreneurial ambition. Emma says: I think […]

posted on 07/26/13

  There is something real, raw and romantic about a shabby chic wedding. That’s not to say we don’t adore the opulence and luxury of a five-star wedding, but what’s not to love about the kitsch and quirky? The wedding of Kate and Kaylis in Brunswick, Western Australia ticked all the boxes and simply took […]

posted on 05/24/13

Today’s lovely couple Richard and Yan met through mutual friends back in 2005, when she was only 22. As fate would have it, they met again four years later. As with all relationships – timing is everything! The chemistry was instant and they soon discovered that they shared many beliefs in work, life, family and […]

posted on 04/26/13

Planning a wedding is a complicated task. Imagine planning two – and planning it remotely! When Colin and Kirsteen decided to have a double celebration – one in their current home town of Perth and another in Kuala Lumpur, they decided that they needed expert assistance. As it turned out, this decision was the best investment […]

posted on 03/11/13

Every so often, I come across a wedding video that’ll move me to tears. I know, what a sap, right? You’d think after writing about weddings for a year, I would come to be desensitized to all the love. (Wrong!) If you watch the actual day video above by WGA vendor Crazy Monkey Studio of newlyweds Su […]

posted on 02/27/13

There is something so endearing and old-fashioned (in a nice way) about daffodils, this month’s Floral Fun feature. A pretty spring blossom from the Narcissus genus, they are known to flourish and grow in fields and meadows – so you’re absolutely forgiven for wanting to don a white dress and twirl around in the sunshine […]

posted on 02/18/13

Newlyweds Micky and Bahman knew that the one thing their wedding had to have was a dance floor and salsa dancing all throughout the night – which is unsurprising as the couple met in an introductory salsa dancing class. Partners, both in dance and life, sets the perfect stage for a lifetime of laughter and […]

posted on 02/05/13

When you’ve got a beautiful couple like Nik Ireena Nona and Muhammad Mateen, it was only expected that their wedding was an unbelievably breath-taking affair. From KL to Kuching, there were multiple receptions, each highlighting a particular theme and colour scheme. The decorations, dresses, cakes – all of it was a sight to behold! Photographs […]

posted on 01/29/13

Jam jars, pickled fruit jars, cookie jars – also known as mason jars, are the most purposeful addition to the wedding list of things to have! We’re pretty big on mason jars here at WGA, simply because they’re versatile, classic and cheap (basically free if you’re a jar person). So if you’re looking to make […]

posted on 01/24/13

Setting up the light department for your wedding is no easy business. You can’t have it too bright till it ruins the intended mood/ambience, nor too dim till you can’t see each other’s faces! Consider your wedding florals and table decors, ‘styling’ your lighting is equally as important. Set your vibe Before you decide between […]

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