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Wedding etiquette
posted on 06/05/13

Gone are the days of wedding guests in mandatory floor-sweeping hems and bow ties. Wedding dress codes have gotten more flexible over the years, but flexible doesn’t come easy! Cocktail attire are always the in-betweens- nothing too formal, nothing too casual. You show up relaxed, while stay sophisticated. For men, tuxedos and suits are a […]

posted on 03/27/13

Chinese traditions have centuries of history for every occasion, including weddings! We have witnessed tonnes of Real Wedding features here at WGA with different highlights of weddings that puts Chinese wedding traditions into play. Fun and games aside, these formalities bring cultural symbolism and meaning to a wedding. And here are top five Chinese wedding […]

posted on 03/21/13

While some of us believe in bigger diamonds being the better (and more obvious) choice, weddings don”t necessarily work the same way. Especially if you”re a really private person! The problem is, when you”re getting married, there is no way to keep it on the down low without keeping most people off the list, unless […]

posted on 02/20/13

It sounds great in theory – receiving a gift from a guest you won’t have to pay for or fret over seating arrangements, woo hoo. But for most brides, even the thought of being put in a situation like this is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat and your gut churn… […]

posted on 01/21/13

It’s a dilemma many women (and some men) face on a daily basis – “What do I wear?” – but it’s a problem amplified tenfold when you’re a guest at a wedding. While we won’t tell you what you should wear (we’ll save that post for another time!) we can help you – through the […]

posted on 01/16/13

Oh dear. We’ve all heard stories of how invited guests don’t show up for weddings (how rude), but ruder still is the person who shows up with a plus one, unannounced. Almost every bride is prepared to over-cater, but to have guests left without food is a nightmare situation! This is of course, the worst case […]

posted on 01/07/13

Source: Look at you! Not only are you getting married to the love of your life, you’re bucking traditional expectations and going with a destination wedding. How exciting! But because of its relative newness, especially in Asian cultures, it is understandable if you’re feeling uncertain of how exactly to approach the logistics and etiquette […]

posted on 01/04/13

Wedding invitations are super important; they’re the one tool that will bring people to your wedding and also tasked to make that  fab first impression on your guests! With so many things on your to-do list as a bride, you’ll never know if you’re going to make a few mistakes or slip-ups with your invites! […]

posted on 12/19/12

One of the biggest headaches known to the wedding mankind is the ultimate guestlist. Deciding who to invite sometimes works like a schoolyard pick, especially when it comes to co-workers. Inviting your best friends from work to such joyous occasion seems convenient, but what happens to those you aren’t close with? While it’s not a rule […]

posted on 12/06/12

Getting married away from home is refreshing! The thought of running away to a foreign place, with your loved ones in attendance, is ever exciting. But then again, there’s way too much to do that you can’t be standing at the airport, welcoming every single one of your guest as they land. Hence why, welcome […]

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