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Wedding reception
posted on 11/12/13

From conversations about single malt whiskeys to spending the rest of their lives together, Gerald and Amanda felt instant chemistry when they first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. “I knew he was the one for me when I couldn’t live without him and I would give up pursuing my career in Singapore if […]

posted on 09/11/13

In every wedding ceremony, the wedding reception seems to be the one part that takes the most out of any couple’s budget. So whenWGA Vendor Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur came up with the Win Your Wedding Back contest, offering RM30k to one lucky couple by simply choosing to hold their reception at the […]

posted on 07/17/13

Today is The Big Day and you feel there are at least a million things to do before you even get out of bed. And there probably are. Oh dear! It’s easy to get emotional and frazzled especially because it’s the day you and your beloved as well as your families have been planning for, […]

posted on 06/12/13

Tired of weddings with predictable lineups and menu? Well, there are plenty of ways to spice up your wedding and make it the wedding of the century. And we plucked out a few at WGA to help you get started! A venue twist Forget expensive ballrooms and lavish hotels! These days, couples take it out […]

posted on 04/03/13

So, you’re engaged! Congrats! And now the tricky question comes in – when is the big day?! While picking the perfect wedding date is no rocket science, it is still not easy. Your Save-the-Dates need to go out early to start booking your guests’ schedule. But how would you know who’s available when, when will […]

posted on 03/28/13

A traditional Chinese wedding is an explosion of grandeur and opulence, and this can be seen most clearly during the reception dinner where the multi-course feast serves as a display of wealth and good fortune. For the past few decades, one of the most ubiquitous dishes on the wedding banquet menu has been Shark’s Fin […]

posted on 03/21/13

While some of us believe in bigger diamonds being the better (and more obvious) choice, weddings don”t necessarily work the same way. Especially if you”re a really private person! The problem is, when you”re getting married, there is no way to keep it on the down low without keeping most people off the list, unless […]

posted on 02/18/13

Newlyweds Micky and Bahman knew that the one thing their wedding had to have was a dance floor and salsa dancing all throughout the night – which is unsurprising as the couple met in an introductory salsa dancing class. Partners, both in dance and life, sets the perfect stage for a lifetime of laughter and […]

posted on 02/12/13

You have probably attended enough weddings yourself to know that one person can either make your wedding reception a truly memorable one – for good reasons as well as bad – and that’s the master (or mistress?) of ceremonies, or the MC. Now, if like yours truly, you are lucky enough to know someone (in […]

posted on 02/05/13

When you’ve got a beautiful couple like Nik Ireena Nona and Muhammad Mateen, it was only expected that their wedding was an unbelievably breath-taking affair. From KL to Kuching, there were multiple receptions, each highlighting a particular theme and colour scheme. The decorations, dresses, cakes – all of it was a sight to behold! Photographs […]

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