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Wedding venues
posted on 11/12/13

From conversations about single malt whiskeys to spending the rest of their lives together, Gerald and Amanda felt instant chemistry when they first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. “I knew he was the one for me when I couldn’t live without him and I would give up pursuing my career in Singapore if […]

posted on 06/07/13

It’s no secret that I have an affinity for the sunny shores up north. Penang, fondly dubbed the Pearl of the Orient has all the right ingredients for a destination wedding – picture perfect opportunities, the breezy tropical buzz and rich cultural elements. All of which also sets the stage for a great destination for […]

posted on 01/31/13

What say you to the idea of romance and love at Asia’s best waterpark that’s right in our very own backyard? WGA vendor Sunway Lagoon has always been famous for its fun and adrenaline! But for the first time ever, they’re doing a take on romance for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Presenting ‘A Tale Called […]

posted on 12/03/12

We’re a big fan of real weddings here at WGA, but we’d like to tell the story, for once, from the perpsective of the people that work tirelessly to put it together: the wedding planners! WGA vendor Elysium Weddings were the magicians that waved their wand and applied their creative expertise for newlyweds Jasmini and Robert Hunt. Jasmini […]

posted on 11/30/12

It’s no secret that soon-to-wed couples are hard-pressed with decisions leading up to the big day. They always say that once you lock in a location, everything falls into space, so to speak. While there are a bajillion things to consider – price, guest list, a corresponding theme – sometimes simplicity is key. WGA vendor Prince […]

posted on 10/30/12

Klang Valley residents will be no stranger to the iconic Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel, located just off the Federal Highway. Ideally located just on the fringes of KL city, the hotel, which has just seen its ballroom renovated, is a great choice for a wedding reception without the added traffic stress. Photographs courtesy of Hilton […]

posted on 10/05/12

Nestled in the heart of Victoria, Australia’s wine country, is this historic property situated next to the state’s first recorded vineyard, Yering Station. While it may be a fair point to assume Yering Stationand this gorgeous old hotel, Chateau Yering, are owned by the same people, they are just “friendly neighbours” although they share a […]

posted on 09/13/12

Here on WGA, we’re constantly preaching the ideal that planning a wedding doesn’t have to equate tearing your hair out in exasperation, frustration or plain indecision. KL Wedding Weekend (KLWW) saw a variety of dedicated professionals ready and willing to help you plan your wedding with the least amount of stress possible. After all, it’s […]

posted on 08/12/12

I’ve had the joy of receiving news from various friends in the past few years – each of them coming up to me excitedly, waving that bejewelled ring on their finger. We jump around and squeal for a little bit before all hell breaks loose and they’re just stressed beyond measure about planning their wedding. […]

posted on 08/03/12

When you think of Japan, your initial first impressions and assumptions are typically: • Beautiful geishas sashaying into tiny doorways • Lovely walks amongst the breathtaking cherry blossom trees • Gastronomic pleasures and out-of-this-world experiences Mine were no different as I was recently in Japan, and was fortunate to experience all of the above. Furthermore, […]

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