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Elaine’s Hens Party in Bali!


Bride: Elaine Ho (WGA contributor & stellar Sarawakian)

Maids of Honour: Jenida Satem & Stephanie Chai (me!)

Guests: Min Hui, Jen, Me, Atika, DD, Jo, Mel, Sheila, Belinda, El & JJ

The Deal: Hen’s Party in Bali!

Venue: Villa Mana

The Verdict: Debauchery and Destruction

*Ahem*, but before we tell the tale we must start at the very beginning…


Not everyone has a Hens night but if you can, you should! There’s no set recipe to this technical “last night of freedom”, but overall, it is meant to be just for the bride and her closest friends.

Being the awesome person she is, it’s no surprise that Elaine has a number of good friends from different parts of the world and from different times of her life. We had girls even fly in from the likes of Melbourne and Brisbane especially for the Hens party in Bali – now that’s testament of true friendship and dedication!

Finally after months of emails, planning and in depth discussion of what duty-free alcohol to buy… it was ‘Bali time’…


When you live in South East Asia, there are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to a weekend getaway. We quickly decided on the island of Bali which has long been the goto place for those who want some R&R or a night out. Bali is different from the rest in that the thing to do there is to stay in a villa. There are an array of amazing villas you can book and stay with friends. Not only is it like staying in your own MTV Cribs style house, but you get the privacy and freedom that a resort can’t quite offer (ie – dance on the couches!).

After much googling, we came across Villa Mana. With six bedrooms, an infinity pool and an endless view of the surrounding rice padi fields – we’d found our own little paradise!

This is our view from the 2nd floor where you look over the rice padi fields and can laze about in one of the lounge chairs. There were 3 bedrooms and a second TV room on this floor. Excuse the date on the camera… someone forgot to switch that function off!

One of the 6 bedrooms. Why is Bali ID so awesome?! All bedrooms had a different touch and feel to them but were equally plush. There are blackout curtains as well which is a must for the subsequent hangovers :)

Even the bathrooms differed from one to the other. There were either long wooden baths or round ones (like Elaine & I had), plus lots of mirrors. Definitely a woman’s touch there! The ground floor bathrooms were outdoor which meant you got to bathe under the stars. However, one night I did encounter a little frog… who thankfully did not hop into the bath with me!

THE PARTY – Friday night

Theme: Safari animal print (I swear girls just want an excuse to tart it up in stripes!)

Be it spots, stripes, Zebra or Leopard, every one had her own little persona. The Malaysian contingency brought 5 bottles of champagne from KLIA so we decided to BYO. FYI, alcohol at (nice) restaurants in Bali is quite pricey!

The long march. When you have such a big group of girls it’s like rounding up the troops! You also have many ‘opinions’ to deal with haha. I got called bossy on the first day! Luckily, Jeni is bossier. Haha.

Dinner: La Sal

La Sal is a trendy tapas restaurant that Jeni had tried out earlier in the year. Food was great, service a little slow (that’s Bali in general) but it had a nice, chilled ambience. I realised everytime we took a photo, 8 other cameras appeared so it took awhile!

Bar: Hu’u Bar

After La Sal, we opted to go to Hu’u Bar which has always been one of the more popular places to go to. I don’t know if we were a bit too early or that Friday wasn’t very happening… but Hu was pretty quiet! Nevertheless, with the mix of girls came the mix of drinks and we were on our merry way to start the ‘games’.

I took the liberty of printing out a massive board of Elaine and Eddy. However, to make way for other people to pop their face in – I had Jason at Cziplee (best printing shop in Bangsar!!), help me cut out ‘Eddy’.

So for a ‘donation’, you got a hug, kiss on the cheek and a complimentary photo with cardboard Elaine! Woot!

Btw, the guys were a bit stingy compared to Zen’s Hens in Singapore. Was it because the place was kinda empty or because they were mainly Aussie surfers..?? (Haha).


Post Hu Bar, we stopped by The Living Room where strangely we were bought a bottle not by a straight man, but a lovely gay Singaporean (Thanks again hun!). Living Room was kinda full of guys who were old and Russian…

Anyways, by then Elaine and many of the troops were already about to K.O so we made our way home surprisingly early at 1 am!! However, as Malaysians, one cannot rest soundly without eating. Our trooper of a driver Ketut kindly stopped at 3 places before taking away 11 parcels of NASI GORENG.

For the record, it was the best Nasi Goreng I have had for awhile! But then again, that might of been from my state of mind :)

Day 2:

The morning after and we treated ourselves with panadol and American breakfast! Brekky is included and we got to choose from pancakes, waffles, eggs and so on. Once everyone was ‘awake’ and ‘alive’, it was time to play the KNICKERS GAME.

Knickers game:

I have to credit Jeni with coming up with all the games! For the Knickers one, everyone had to buy Elaine some lingerie and she had to guess who bought her the pair. Btw, from Oz to M’sia – La Senza monopolised the marked! This was a lot of laughs and we think El’s future hubby Eddy will really appreciate it!!


It was quite a hot, sticky day which didn’t bode well with everyone’s zombie mood – so our shopping excursion was not as bountiful as we thought! We went to Seminyak (forget Kuta) and recommendMagali Pascal plus Uma & Leopold. Those are really the only 2 shops where I find great dresses etc to buy. For lunch, it was the infamous Made’s Warung which has a yummy range of local and western cuisine. Every year I go there, I keep eating the same thing – their Mee Goreng and Gado Gado!

The Evening Affair:

Day 2′s theme was slightly more classy than our prior animal do, as we opted for “Black, lace & pearls”. To save us rushing everywhere, we had the Villa Mana chef prepare a seafood barbeque for us on the top floor. If you want to save and enjoy the villa, this is a great option. We had tiger prawns, fish, satay etc and it was very reasonable (and yum). But as a prelude to dinner, there was one more game to play…

Jeni had Eddy answer a number of questions to test ‘how well El knew Ed’. For each question she got wrong – she had to down a shot of her favourite liquor – tequilla (East Malaysians!).

I can’t provide you with the answers as it’s p&c, but here are the questions which you can use for your own Hens!

Game #2: How well does Elaine know Eddy?

1. What is Eddy’s favourite meal?

2. What was his first paid job?

3. The food he detests the most.

4. What is Eddy’s mum’s maiden name?

5. If Eddy could live anywhere in the world where would it be?!

6. What would you order him if you were at the bar?

7. What size shoe is he?

8. What is Eddy most scared of?

9. Who is the most dominant in bed?

10. If he could be a superhero which superhero would he be?

11. What Chinese zodiac animal is he?

12. What is his favourite band?

13. What is his favourite movie?

14. What was his first car?

15. If you were to be reincarnated what would you come back as?

16. Who was Eddy’s first kiss?

17. How many children does Eddy want?

18. Sweet or savoury?

19. What is the number one thing you bicker about / thing she does that he hates?

20. What piece of clothing does he love to see you in?

21. What is that piece of clothing that he loves, that you hate?

After dinner we had our own dance party at the villa (with music thanks to DJ Goldfish!) and wore these funky eye glasses that the Aussie girls bought at a $2 shop.  We hit a couple of bars after but we really had the most fun letting loose at the villa (especially DD with her *ahem* Lady Gaga dance..!).

From all of us Elaine, thanks for being an amazing friend all these years :)

And to all the WGA readers, there are many types of games and activities you can play at a Hens, but I hope this post gave you a few ideas! Oh, and don’t forget to pack the panadol ;)

* A big thank you to sereni & shentel for Elaine’s veil – she wouldn’t have looked the part without it!

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